Car rental with chauffeur in Bucharest

Auto Grand - Car Rental is a rent a car company in Bucharest understanding the requirements of all customers who wish for more, which is why chauffeur car rental services are suitable for them. Moreover, traveling safely without any care for the traffic is a real pleasure.

Our professional chauffeurs bring you experience, trust, and especially comfort, being entirely responsible, while in traffic, to make sure that you are safe throughout your planned travel. Moreover, transport can be made at any hour agreed in advance.

Fees and additional information for car rental with chauffeur

The price for a chauffeur’s services is 40€/8 hours. If exceeding the 8 hours/day provided for in the contract, 5€/hour will be additionally charged.

If transporting animals you need a special cage. The fee for this service is 5€ as well.

The fee includes: insurance, taxes, including vignette and VAT.

The fee does not include: fuel, parking fees, meals and accommodation for the chauffeur.

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