Car rental for special events in Bucharest

Car rental in Bucharest for special events in your life

An important event is about to take place in your life and you wish with all your heart to make a high standard appearance? Since the car that you drive is both your personal and professional image, why wouldn’t you rent a luxury car? At AutoGrand Rent a Car you have a wide range of cars at your disposal for every important event you choose to go to.

Wedding car rental services are very popular in Romania, but besides this, some events require different car models to make you feel good, which is why it is recommendable to rent cars for special events (car rental for baptisms, weddings etc.).

Why wouldn’t you enjoy the comfort and safety offered by our car fleet at more than convenient prices? So, whenever an important event is about to take place in your life, think of it as a unique moment and make everything possible to get the most out of it.

Auto Grand - Car Rental provides you car rental services for baptisms, weddings, various meetings and parties.

The elegance, space and comfort offered by a luxury car, but also the microbuses in our car fleet are impossible to describe and, in addition, you can enjoy the services of a professional chauffeur at the best price on the car rental market.

Our cars are your trustworthy partners in all important moments of your life!

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